2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

Your Superhero Utility Belt

Your children already look up to you as a superhero, so get the utility belt to match! Our clothing packs hidden pockets to carry anything you or your children need. Pockets for snacks, toys, diapers or wipes, your phone, wallet, keys and even a tablet or laptop.

Always Be In Control

You may live in chaos, but our clothing will keep you prepared,
organized and laser-focused on the needs of the moment.


Weight Management System

The Weight Management System ensures maximum carrying capacity and maximum comfort. Whether you're fully loaded with your family's essentials, or fill just a few pockets, you won't feel or see bulges and your neck won't get sore from the added weight.

Personal Area Network

Our Patented Personal Area Network links nearly all of the pockets to one another through the lining. Never have your headphones get tangled or caught by busy little fingers again!

Pad Pockets

Most garments feature a specially designed pocket that allows you to comfortably carry your full size tablet with you. You will always have quick access to entertainment for your child and your digital life while you're on the go!

Removable Sleeves

Parents always need to be able to adapt to the situation. That's why many jackets feature removable sleeves, so you can convert it into a vest and back again in seconds. From air conditioned offices to busy trips to the playground, you will always stay comfortable.

Popular Products For Busy Parents

The Tropiformer:
The Jacket That Will Transform Your Life

The Tropiformer boasts 22 purposeful pockets, an adjustable and removable hood that stows in the collar and tons of features designed for your busy life. The magnetically attached sleeves easily transform the jacket into vest and back. It even folds into a handy carrying case in the back pocket! A super lightweight garment, the body and sleeves are made of breathable and water-resistant fabric, and when the sleeves are removed the back of the vest is a fine mesh.

The SCOTTeVEST Jacket for Women:
The Super Mom Wardrobe Staple

The SCOTTeVEST Jacket for Women provides an elegant and chic look for travel, your next business meeting, negotiating over cocktails or out for a nice dinner. The 23 pockets give you peace of mind knowing all your and your child's essentials are close at hand and provide convenient access to everything from smartphones to snacks. The cotton blend is Teflon® treated for water and stain resistance (messy kid protection!) and the jacket features zip-off sleeves so it can convert into a vest when temperatures rise. Men's version also available.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I'm a dad who likes to take his three young daughters camping. A few weeks ago, I was wearing my SCOTTeVEST at the campground in Rocky Mountain National Park as I juggled watching my kids and making camp at the same time. As I bounced around the campsite, I had diapers and wipes in one pocket for my 2-year-old, and I used the other pockets for handy camp items like my knife, matches, headlamp—and snacks for melting-down kids. There are still pockets leftover for gadgets and tech. It's pretty much the ultimate Dad vest.

–Joshua Berman, author and father of 3

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