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Carry The Gear of an Entire Crew

Unlike typical photography vests that have bulky exterior pockets, our clothing features hidden and conveniently-placed pockets to easily swap out lenses, batteries or memory cards. Our gear will keep you looking good for formal engagements and comfortable during more casual outings like photowalks. The clothing is ideal for when you want more than just your camera, but don't want to (or can't) take your whole backpack set up with you. If you enjoy aerial photography, our clothing is great for drone accessories too. Bring it all knowing everything is close at hand and ready to shoot!

Never Miss the Perfect Shot

Our pockets and features make life simple for photographers. With everything you need on your person, you'll never need to fumble through a bag for your gear or accessories.


Weight Management System

The Weight Management System helps you carry all of your gear while still staying comfortable. Whether you pack all your lenses and accessories or fill just a few pockets, you won't feel bulky, see bulges or finish the shoot with a sore neck from the added weight.

Personal Area Network

Dead batteries lead to missed shots. Our patented Personal Area Network links nearly all of the pockets to one another through the lining so, with the help of an external battery, you can keep your camera batteries, gimbals and other electronics charged wherever you go.

Pad Pockets

Want to review your shots on a bigger screen while out and about? Most of our garments feature a specially designed pocket that lets you comfortably carry your full size tablet with you while you're on the go so you can review and organize your photos without missing a beat.

Camera Pocket

Many garments feature a camera pocket specifically designed to hold extra batteries, memory cards and other small accessories. From crowded events to shooting in the great outdoors, you will always be prepared.

Popular Products For Photographers

The RFID Travel Vest for Men:
A Photographer's Best Friend

This stylish vest packs 26 pockets that will keep everything you need for your next shoot organized and secure. The lightweight, breathable poly fabric is Teflon® treated for water and stain-resistance, and is machine washable. Shoot away, knowing that you have plenty of memory cards, lenses, batteries and other gear nearby! Women's version also available.

The Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Women:
Your Wearable Gear Bag

The epitome of SCOTTeVEST engineering and design, the Q.U.E.S.T. Vest is packed with more features than you can imagine! It packs an astonishing 42 pockets, giant back pocket to stash larger items, to hold every last bit of gear. The vest features a zippered compartment in the collar to stow the hood so you're prepared rain or shine. It will quickly become your new "utility belt" for photo shoots, whether you're running around town or loading up all your essentials for your next big event. Men's version also available.

What Our Customers Are Saying

A lot of museums don’t allow photography, but the ones that do almost always disallow backpacks. Because I shoot mostly prime lenses, I need a lot of different lenses wherever I go. The other day, I tried shooting in a museum in my SCOTTeVEST. It worked great. I was able to pack an iPhone, 4 different lenses (my 8-15 fisheye, 14mm, 24mm, 135mm), an extra battery and two CF cards easily into the vest. This was in addition to the Canon Mark 3 and 50mm lens on my camera. It felt much better than wearing a backpack and the lenses were much more accessible to me as I didn’t have to take a backpack off to get to them. I simply unzipped the pocket and pulled out what I needed.

Even with that much gear, I still had lots of room to pack more stuff into the vest if I needed it.

–Thomas Hawk, world-renowned photographer

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