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SCOTTeVEST Loves Dogs!

Workplace & Charities

At SCOTTeVEST, our love of dogs permeates everything we do. We think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals, which is one reason why co-founders Laura and Scott Jordan have integrated their love of dogs into our company culture.

We have a dog-friendly workplace that includes professional dog walkers who take our employees' pups outside for exercise. Plus, we name multiple garments after our dogs and pay the fees for any employee who wants to adopt a dog from the local shelter. We also take pride in supporting various animal and dog-related charities including The Animal Shelter of The Wood River Valley, Paws For Hunger, Best Friends Animal Society and more.

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Root For Margaux

Margaux is Laura and Scott Jordan's Standard Poodle who went blind and deaf from an autoimmune disease in 2016. She continues to push forward with the help of her three sisters, who protect her and serve as her seeing eye companions, which allows her to continue to hike the Idaho trails that she loves so much.

She inspires everyone she meets because she has overcome adversity and never loses the huge smile on her face. Margaux's journey has been featured by The Huffington Post, The Dodo, People Pets, Inside Edition and more. She has impacted millions of people already and we know she can inspire you, too!

To learn more about Margaux and to help root her on, please visit her Facebook page.

Made By Dog Lovers, For Dog Lovers

With dogs playing such a big role in our daily lives here at SCOTTeVEST, you can be assured that our clothing is great for dog owners!

Our garments are ideal for carrying treats, leashes, poop bags, and other accessories for you and your canine companion. Click the button below to find the perfect garment for carrying all of your pet and human accessories.

Our Four-Legged Coworkers

Susie is a Standard Poodle born in 2011 and is the middle child of the Jordan Poodle Gang. According to Scott, Susie has a severe case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and always wants to be involved with every activity. After work and on the weekends you can find Susie hiking with the Jordan family or lounging around their house.
Chloe is a Standard Poodle born in 2004 and is the alpha dog of the Jordan Poodle Gang. Although Chloe is in charge, she is a huge prankster and enjoys playing tricks on her sisters as well as Laura and Scott. When not keeping her sisters in line, Chloe enjoys hiking with the Jordan family and hanging out on the sundeck.
Margaux is a Standard Poodle born in 2004, who recently became blind and deaf due to an autoimmune disease she’s battled for the last 3 years. Her nickname is The Awesome and Amazing Margaux thanks to her inspiring nature and persistent attitude to learn something new every day. She loves to dance to Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke” (even though she can’t hear it) and going on hikes with the Jordan family. You can follow her progress learning how to adapt to being blind and deaf
Rhonda! is a Standard Poodle born in 2015 and is the baby of the Jordan Poodle Gang. She’s the only poodle of the bunch likes to swim and is learning to be an expert frisbee catcher. Lovingly referred to as “Imitation Chloe,” you can find Rhonda! on hikes with the Jordan family or playing with her friend Karlie on the third floor.
Spencer is a Border Collie who was born in 2013. He was rescued from the street and adopted by Customer Service Director Maggie Cummings on Christmas Day in 2014. He loves to splash around and get wet - whether it’s in lakes, rivers, the pool, puddles, or his own water bowl. According to Maggie, he’s the fastest dog alive with very strong herding instincts. During the afternoons, he can be found dancing with Maggie on the first floor.
Penny is a Pit Bull mix born in 2010 who loves to play tug of war with Customer Service Agent Jim Doolittle. On the weekends Jim and Penny go on adventures where she attempts to eat woodland creatures (unsuccessfully) and continue her strange fascination with cows.
Mayhem is a St. Bernard-Border Collie mix born in 2011 who was adopted from the West Valley Human Society by President Marshall Rule and his wife Kelsey Bates. He is addicted to toys and can't sleep without one next to him. When not slobbering all over his precious toys, Mayhem can be found playing fetch, going for walks, or dreaming of his next toy.
Maddie is a Lab-Border Collie mix born in 2010 who was adopted at 16 weeks old by President Marshall Rule and his wife Kelsey Bates. She was given a new chance at life after Marshall and Kelsey found her abandoned in a Walmart shopping cart in the middle of the night. Maddie loves barking at skunks, catching flies, and snuggling with her family.
Hemi is a Australian Shepard- Border Collie mix. He was adopted in 2014 by Customer Service Representative Kendra from the Central Oregon Humane Society. It is a guessing game at how old he is, but we are currently going with 7. He loves to run outside and frolicking around showing off his toys, but most of all he loves to be pet! While indoors, Hemi spends his time pulling every toy out of his box, right after you pick all of them up or laying in the sun, staring outside longingly!
Maebe is Marshall's and Kelsey's third dog. She is a Husky/Lab Mix and was born in January of 2017. Named as a reference to the TV Show "Arrested Development", she follows Marshall to the freezer every time he grabs a drink so that she can get her favorite treat - an ice cube. Maebe is desperately trying to assert her dominance over her much bigger brother and sister (something that is working a little too well).
Splenda is a Yorkshire Terrier and was born in Brooklyn, NY in 2006. She now lives in Israel With SeV's Director of Web Development, Jeremy Feldhamer, his wife Soshia and their daughter Ayelet. Splenda's favorite toy is a toss up between a teniss ball or an empty plastic soda bottle. She is happiest curled up in a ball on something soft as long as she remains in view of all the action.
Teddy is a super sweet and lovable 6 year-old chocolate lab who recently relocated to Ketchum and is loving his new healthy life in the mountains! His favorite activities are hiking, swimming, playing fetch, snoozing in the sun -- and of course, snacking! Ted is especially fond of giant sticks, the bigger the better, and has a collection of dozens in his yard.
Louie is an Irish Wolfhound who was born in England, raised in Hawaii and now lives in Idaho with his parents, Kelsey & Chris. He's a big friendly giant and a world traveler who loves everyone and everything. Sometimes he accidentally knocks babies over and feels really bad. His favorite treats are ice cubes and his favorite toy is an old rag.
Nut, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, can make anyone's heart melt with his face and he knows it. His favorite spot in the world is on his mom, Kelsey's lap. His ears won't stop growing and we're slightly concerned about that. His favorite toy is his big brother's tail.
Scout is a German Shorthair Pointer born in October, 2017 and is the social butterfly of the office. During the week, Scout can be found wrestling and snuggling with her best friends, Ted and Louie. After work and on the weekends, Scout prefers to tear tirelessly through upland and wetland flushing out birds and ducks with her outdoorsman dad, Dom. She is a remarkable animal: sweet, smart, even-tempered and a great companion.
Cora is our remote-office dog! Cora has come to the office with her human, Ethan, but prefers the quiet of her own home to the fast-paced SCOTTeVEST environment. At 13, Weiner Dog Cora is content with a quiet and easy-going life and Ethan makes sure that is the life she lives. She loves walks with her humans, especially when she gets plenty of time to smell the wildflowers, despite her allergies!

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